Best mop 2023: 9 highly-rated picks for gleaming results

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If you're buying a new mop to clean your hard floors with, whether you've recently moved out or your current one has truly done its day's work, then I can help. I've tested my fair share of mops, and it's safe to say that my floors are sparkling clean. Honestly, it's a skill, and I am 1000% clued up on which ones are the best.

Now, there is more than one type of mop to choose from (exciting, I know) so buckle up as I reveal all. If you live in a smaller space, then you'll probably want to go for a trusty flat mop or spray mop. These are affordable and easy to use, plus, you can easily squeeze them into even a makeshift cleaning cupboard.

For larger spaces or messier homes (pet owners, we're talking to you!) then go for a string mop. You could even choose a 2-in-1 model with a vop — that's a vacuum cleaner and a mop — so that you won't have to store both or walk around your home twice when it's time to spruce up your space. And of course, how could we forget about the innovative robot mop? If you've got the spare cash then they are totally worth it.

Keep reading for a list of six tried, tested, and (legit) loved mops that are so worth buying so that you can clean floors quickly and easily. I've listed eco-friendly options plus a mop specifically for cleaning hardwood floors, and even mops that you need only use with water to sanitise your floors...

What is the best mop you can buy?

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  • The best mop: Beldray Classic Mop
  • The best eco-friendly mop: E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop
  • The best mop and bucket: Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop

Our favourite floor mops, as reviewed by the Real Homes team

4 things to consider before buying a new mop

1. Head material
When you’re deciding on a floor mop, check the material of the mop head. The most popular choice is microfibre as it's soft, hygienic, and fast drying. Sponge is also a good choice as it's breathable and absorbent, and works well on flat untextured flooring. Most mop heads are washing machine friendly too, giving them longevity and making them kinder on the environment, but do check first.

2. Does it require a bucket?
If you're after a quick and easy-to-use mop, it's best to steer clear of ones that require a bucket. Instead, opt for a spray mop for a faster finish; these mops-without-buckets also cut down on the amount of storage space you need to keep them — all you need to do is fill up the bottle with hot water and your chosen floor cleaner, attach it to the mop and you're away.

3. Weight
Important if you're less able or elderly, some mops can be weighty when loaded, so consider this when you're choosing. Note: spray mops might be a bit heavier than classic mops, but you won't have the weight of the bucket to lug around.

4. Extra features
Some mops come with a free bucket, some extra heads or other accessories you may reach for when cleaning your home. If they don't, then be sure to check how much replacement heads cost before you buy.

What is the most effective type of mop?

There are lots of different types of mops to choose from. The more complex the design, the more you can expect to pay for it. We actually rate the string mop as the best for cleaning since it really gets into the corners, and you can refresh the bucket between rooms more efficiently than replacing mop heads. However, with this comes the need for more storage space and you need to lug around a bucket as you clean, too.

Here are all of the different types of mops:

  • Flat mops or spray mops have a spray mechanism inside. Use them with a reusable head or a one-use pad.
  • String mops tend to be made of cotton, are durable and some come in spin versions to wring out as much water as possible, but they require a bucket.
  • Sponge mops are good for getting into tiles and normally feature a wringer mechanism to ensure you don't soak your floors.
  • Steam mops are the best option if you're after something to help you deep clean, however, they do come at a higher price tag and some need to be plugged in.
  • Robot mops will do the cleaning for you, with the only thing necessary from you being the push of a button.

Mops, steam mops, and steam cleaners: which is better?

There's such a variety of product types out there for cleaning your floors that it can be easy to get confused between them. Steam mops are a great option for hard floors that don't get very dirty and just need a weekly refresh – and they also eliminate the need for floor cleaner products. Just don't expect a steam mop to completely replace the occasional deep clean with a regular mop. 

Steam cleaners tend to be much more advanced (and many times more expensive) than mops, and usually can tackle all kinds of surfaces, from flooring to upholstery and even kitchen appliances. They do tend to be fairly heavy, so bear that in mind. 

As you probably already know, normal mops just work with hot water and solution, they are cheaper than both of the above, though, and a lot easier to store. They're ideal for quick clean-ups but aren't the best for deep cleaning.

How often should I mop my floors?

Other sites may say you only need to mop your floors once every two weeks, but we say to do it whenever it’s needed. It’ll depend on whether you have pets, children and how many people come in and out of your house a week, after all. If you’re looking for a number, our tip is to mop your floors once a week, or after each time you vacuum. Of course, some weeks you may want to clean twice if have people coming over. If you have a mop conveniently stored in your kitchen or utility, you may manage a mop down every night after you finish in your kitchen.

How often should I replace my mop?

That'll depend on how often you use yours, and whether the mop head is replaceable or detachable and washable. If the mop head is replaceable, discard yours after about six to eight months of use – sooner if you clean very often.

After a while your mop will fray or lose the texture that makes it effective at cleaning, so replace when it stops working as well. If you have a detachable, washable head, pop it in the wash every month or so, and discard it after two to three years of use, depending on how worn it looks. 

Real Homes review process

Testing the OXO and Vileda mop on dark wood laminate

Testing the OXO and Vileda mops

(Image credit: Future/Annie Collyer)

We've pooled the favourite mops of the whole team at Real Homes to show you the items we actually use in our homes. So, rest assured we can give you our honest opinion on how they work. All of the mops we test will be used for a number of weeks inside our homes until we feel we are at a point to make a judgment. We try to test these mops on all flooring types, from lino to tiles and laminate.

In this guide, we've tested all of the nine mops we've recommended, and while using them we consider everything from size, manoeuvrability, ease of use, cleaning quality, and most of all: does it do the job without soaking your floors? Oh, and we always consider price before including.

Watch our short video first of Laura Crombie testing our top three mops in action.

Then, meet our mop testers:

Melissa Epifano headshot
Melissa Epifano

Our editor Melissa owns the Shark steam mop featured and she really rates it. She uses it to clean the flat she shares with her husband-to-be and every time she's wowed by just how much dirt it manages to collect.

'Basic mops won’t always cut it. After putting off buying a new mop for a little too long, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the sturdy Shark Klik N’ Flip Steam Mop S6003UK (yet corded) steam option. And I don't regret it one bit as it's easy to use and it picks up every bit of dirt from my floors.'

Annie Collyer illustration
Annie Collyer

Our head ecommerce editor Annie has tried three of these mops in her two-bedroom flat, which she shares with her husband and her dog.

'Hands down the easiest mop I've ever used, the Beldray mop is hassle-free to use with a spray trigger, plus its water tank is plenty sizeable. It also makes an easy job of cleaning around furniture feet, the toilet and underneath my bed. I just pop the heads in the washing machine after each clean. It's that simple! I've also been using it for years, so it's built to last.'

'The brilliant OXO mop made mopping 10 times easier. It's easy to manoeuvre around and under furniture with a large microfibre head to cover more space in less time. Its water bottle is sizeable enough so that I can fill it and get 3 uses out of it, and it's generally easy to use. It has a slide-out tile scrubber that I use for more than cleaning my tiles, but also to remove anything from mud to food spillages from my floor.'

' The Vileda spray mop is undoubtedly best for those with little storage space spare. The mop's handle doubles as a water tank, and the mop heads stay on so securely which is great. The only thing is it's a fiddle to fill without spilling floor cleaner.'

Jenny illustration
Jenny McFarlane

Jenny is our Senior Digital Editor, and often writes cleaning content to help you to keep your home as pristine as possible. She loves using the bestselling Vileda Turbo Spin Mop in her family home.

'Vileda's Turbo spin mop has an integrated wringer powered by a foot pedal that makes it super simple to wring out and control to your required mop dampness. It cleans really well on hard floors and the microfibre mop head picks up dirt with just water so there's no need for cleaner.'

Image of Molly Cleary author photo
Molly Cleary

Previously our ecommerce writer, Molly tested two of these mops in her home, including a sponge mop and the robot mop.

'I like the design of the OXO Butterfly Mop for when you want to do a more thorough clean, and the fact that you can wring the mop with little to no effort is definitely a winner. If you prefer to use a thicker sponge to feel the full absorbency, then this is a great choice, though the fact you still need to use a bucket alongside it knocks it down a few pegs for me.' 

'Purchasing the iRobot Bravaa Jet M6 is an investment into cleaner floors, with minimal effort needed from your side. This robot may have a steep price, but the technology involved in the mapping and navigation of this model goes a long way compared to its predecessor. I tested this out at home and found that it made our floors cleaner within the first week, and it has a sleek design with a discreet charging pad that won't look out of place in your home.'

Jennifer Oksien illustration
Jennifer Oksien

Jen was at one time appliance editor, but now she does the role of homes editor over at Tech Radar. One thing's for sure: Jen knows everything there is to know about vacuums, washing machines, pizza ovens and much more. As you might expect, she's got a lot of knowledge on the cleaning front too, and uses the Bona Wood Floor mop in her home. 

'I needed to find a hard floor cleaner which was kind to our restored wooden floors, affordable and easy to use. The Bona Wood Floor Cleaner does all of this. I'm really happy with the results.'

Anna Cottrell illustration
Anna Cottrell

Anna was previously our content editor and writes practical advice and interior and garden design features and news for Real Homes. She's a big fan of one of our most sustainable picks, the E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop, which has a washable head.

'Overall, it's a decent mop that has lasted a long time, and it cleans well whether you use a floor cleaner or just water. It is a little difficult to use it with a bucket because of the swivel head, and it performs better if you machine wash regularly.' 

Where to buy a mop online...

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