Which of these Cosori air fryers should I buy? 6 chic models to suit all kitchens

Struggling to decide between the Cosori Lite, Pro, Pro II, Pro LE, and Dual Blaze? This Cosori air fryers guide gives you food for thought

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Scratching your head on which Cosori air fryer you should buy in the sales? With over three million happy customers, COSORI has recently claimed some real estate in Amazon's air fryer search results and we can certainly see why. With a whole host of air fryers to choose from, including models fit for large families and ones for modern spaces, we're here to help make this decision a bunch easier.  Better yet? Out of the 11 air fryers you can buy from Cosori, six are currently on sale this Cyber Week.

So, Cosori makes some of the best air fryers in the biz, which is another reason why you should invest this sale season. If you're already sold on the brand itself, but not totally sure which Cosori air fryer will fit in your kitchen (size and style-wise), we can help with your buying decision based on how many mouths you need to feed, how much dough you're working with, and even your dietary requirements. Because there's no point in buying an air fryer with additional niche functions if you're not going to use all of them.

All of these Cosori air fryers have been reviewed or are in the process of being put through their paces in our test kitchen. Otherwise, these are the deals you want to see. 

See which of these COSORI air fryers will suit you

Why is Cosori a good brand of air fryer?

If you haven't heard of Cosori before, it's a pretty big brand when it comes to best-selling Amazon air fryers, displaying seven industry awards on its product page. While reviewing these air fryers, all of them were given top marks for ease of features, cooking our air fryer recipes to a satisfactory standard, and also ease of cleaning with dishwasher-safe elements.

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I've tried every Cosori air fryer and they've always impressed me with major value-for-money. It's not a brand you'll find outside of Amazon, but the range has everything from family-sized fryers to compact (and surprisingly cute) options for apartments or small kitchens. If one of your reasons to buy an air fryer is the money-saving aspect, you may as well start with a budget-friendly option from Cosori. They're easy to clean and use, and just as good as some of the much more expensive brands on the market.

Can I put tin foil in my Cosori air fryer?

All Cosori air fryers have a non-stick coating, so it's not necessary to line your appliance with aluminum if you fear food will stick to the basket. If you'd like to ensure a mess-free cooking experience, we recommended these silicone air fryer liners, which happen to be on sale this Black Friday. 

Otherwise, we've got a load of top tips when it comes to cleaning your air fryer.

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