9 pretty bed sheets to freshen up your room for spring — including silk, cotton, and linen sets

Change your sheets with the season

Best bed sheets for Spring in pastel orange colors
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Never underestimate the power of good bedding. A set of sheets can totally transform your bedroom, and with spring incoming, there's no better time to switch out your cozy sets for something a little silkier. Linen in a light color is also pretty breezy and you certainly can't go wrong with a floral cotton set for a fresh boho look.

But aside from the fact these bed sheets are super cute (if I do say so myself), they're also made from top-quality fabrics that will last through to summer and beyond. Yes, I and a few others from the Real Homes fam have tried them out, so we can recommend only the best bed sheets worth buying. 

From some of our favorite bedding brands like Brooklinen, Parachute, and Cultiver, you can find the crispest and coziest sheets we'd actually suggest spending your savings on. But if you have a slightly bigger budget, then there's no better spring refresh than investing in a new mattress first. 

The bed sheets we're talking about 

Why you can trust Real Homes Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Real Homes review process 

Louises bed with bedding on that transformed her rental mattress

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Real Homes' review process is editorially independent and not influenced by any third parties. All our reviews are based on the real-life experience of using these sheets at home, many of which have been used (and washed) many times over. 

These gorgeous bedding sets are often given to us free of charge, and due to the personal nature of bedding, we have been able to keep our samples and invite others to try them for their own feedback. These are our favorite bedding sets based on factors like quality of construction, material, breathability, color options, value for the money, and ease of care. 

Here's what our testers had to say: 

Louise Oliphant author illustration
Louise Oliphant

Louise's apartment is pretty much a bedding warehouse. Seriously, there's a new sheet set or duvet delivery nearly every week — so you can rest assured she knows a thing or two about what makes a great bed. 

She's slept on a few of these bed sheets but it's the bamboo set from Ettitude (opens in new tab) that stands out from the rest, for her: "The silky finish just makes my rather plain bedroom look luxury. But even better, the smooth bamboo is kind on my sensitive skin and is simply cozy AF."  

Jaclyn Turner illustration
Jaclyn Turner

Jaclyn, our previous sleep editor and former ecommerce editor at Homes & Gardens, knows her stuff when it comes to great bedding. She's tested some of the best mattresses, duvets, comforters, and more. When it comes to fresh sheets, she's tried, tested, and recommended only the best. Her favorite?
The Brooklinen sheet set (opens in new tab), of course.

Melissa Epifano headshot
Melissa Epifano

Our global editor in chief Melissa can't get enough of the Cozy Earth sheets (opens in new tab)

"I didn’t think bedding could actually be life-changing until I tried these sheets from Cozy Earth. My husband is a hot sleeper, I’m constantly shivering, and the seasons factor into how we feel, too. In short, finding a happy medium with bedding has been a nightmare. This set is buttery soft to the touch and neither of us has woken up at an uncomfortable temperature since we first put them on. I refuse to buy any other sheets — they are so worth the investment and work year-round."

How to choose the sheets for you

  • Size: Bedding isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. In addition to buying sheets that match your bed size, you'll need to take the depth of your bed into consideration, too. Make no mistake, most mattresses are compatible with a traditional set of sheets. However, if your mattress’ height exceeds 14 inches, you’ll likely need to invest in deep-pocket sheets. Since deep pocket sheets have some extra fabric, they stretch over the extra height and offer a snug, non-constricting, fit.
  • Material: When it comes to shopping for bedding, there’s a good chance you prioritize softness above all else. After all, nobody wants to spend those precious eight hours wrapped in stiff, scratchy sheets. However, the type of fabric you choose can play a huge role in your bedding’s overall comfort. Lightweight, breathable fabrics like bamboo or linen are ideal for the summer or for anyone who runs hot when they sleep. Conversely, heavier fabrics like flannel and cashmere will come in handy once the temperature drops. If you’re looking for middle-of-the-road bedding you can use year-round, opt for a cotton material like percale or sateen.
  • Finish: The finish of sheets is just as important as the material. Before you add some new bedding to your cart, check out the fine print. Anyone who is prone to pesky allergens will want to buy sheets that are hypoallergenic or made with materials that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Want your bedding to get Mother Nature’s seal of approval? Keep an eye out for sheets with Fair Trade, OEKO-TEK, or even GOTS certification.

What’s the difference between percale and sateen?

This may come as a surprise to you, but not all cotton sheets are created equal, and they often fall into two categories — sateen and percale. Their nuanced weave patterns make a difference.

Percale’s simple one-over-one-under weave typically results in crisp sheets with a matte finish. Sateen, on the other hand, uses an intricate four-over-one-under weave to create a luxurious, silky feel.

Does thread count matter?

For years, it's been believed that your bedding thread count matters — the higher your thread count is, the softer it will feel. However, a lot of top bedding brands like Brooklinen (opens in new tab) and Parachute (opens in new tab) claim thread count isn’t as important as we once thought.

Thread count is determined by the number of vertical and horizontal strands in one square inch. While this may sound appealing, it could actually result in thicker, coarser threads, making it heavy and hot. According to Brooklinen, (opens in new tab) anything over a 500-thread count should raise some eyebrows. Instead, prioritize quality. High-quality, single-ply bedding may have a lower thread count, but there’s a good chance it’ll be softer and more durable than those 800-thread-count sheets that seem too good to be true.

Louise Oliphant
Ecommerce Editor

Louise is the Ecommerce Editor at Real Homes, specialising in sleep content so you can wind-down well. With prior PR experience working for a luxury bedding brand, Louise knows the importance of getting a great night’s sleep. Joining the other side of the desk as a full-time journo, Louise brings her bedding expertise to writing sleep buying guides, reviews, and news for Real Homes. Aside from helping readers get essential shut eye, Louise also writes shopping content for homeware items that’ll add a decorative edge to your space. With an eye for design that won’t snooze on style, but a budget that won’t quite stretch, Louise loves nothing more than a modern designer dupe. From coloured glassware to contemporary storage, anything to upgrade the bare space of her rented East London flat. 

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